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It's August 1st, 2003. Swiss National Day, and what a beautiful day to be in Gimmelwald. Bright morning... ...and beautiful mountains-on-fire sunset

Alex, Nicole, Eli, Alana, Jason, Dan, Sebastian, Walter, Peter, Mike, Jessy, Petra, Michelle, Adrian and Nicole are in Swiss colors. Keeping with traditions, Walter is cooking alpine macaroni.

Nicole and Michelle. What's wrong with this picture? One bottle of beer for 6 people. It's still early.

Jessy, Jason, and Petra. Jason and Alex are trying to recreate... well, something.

Walter, Michelle, and Petra. Dan, Alana, and Jessy.

Dinner's ready!. A little bit lower now.

Petra, Brian and Donny. Brian is here with a beer.

Swiss National Day 2003 (continued...)

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