It has been almost 30 years since Adrian Furniss's visit to Gimmelwald in August of 1981. Many backpackers who visit Gimmelwald nowadays weren't even born then. "I can assure you that the beauty of this place haunts you forever," Adrian writes. "On my 1981 holiday, I met some wonderful people in the Youth Hostel there. Mainly Americans but also Brits (like myself), Canadians, Australians and I'm sure others."

Yes, the hostel has been renovated. But other than that not much has changed in the village in all these years. It's great to come back and find the place the way you remember it.

Gimmelwald Youth Hostel (1981), many years
prior to its renovation.

Hostel companions: Julie, Alison, Andrew, Nigel, Rachel, Helene, ??, Mark (on table). Please forgive for any errors, it was a long time ago (1981).

Your photographer (Adrian Furniss) outside
the Gimmelwald Youth Hostel (1981).

Stechelberg. Car park and waterfall. Note the period cars (1981).

Adrian Furniss on the route up to Murren
from Gimmelwald (1981).

Adrian's traveling companion Nigel Page on the route up to Kleine Scheidegg. He's just stirred his yogurt with his finger! (1981).

Murren Doorfest: Flag tossing (1981).

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