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It's August 1st, 2002. Swiss National Day. Don, Kevin, Jim, Nigel, Amy, Brian, and Alex are in Swiss colors. Amy, Kim, Nigel, Alex, and Brian at the bar on Swiss National Day

Jim, Amy, Alex, Nigel, and little Michelle. OK, girls, next time dress appropriately.

Gimmelwald regulars: Simone, Johnnie and Troy (visit, Natalie, and Marc. Nigel, and Chris with his dad. Chris' last night in the Alps.

No one makes raclette as good as Walter. Melt the cheese, scrape it off, add a potato, a pickel and pearl onions. Spice it up and Voila...  Lisa and Chris are about to get some raclette.

Nigel is next in line for alpine macaroni.  A quick look around the table reveals that Elme, James, Mason, Jim, Lucy, ?, Chris, Shawn, an Wes are having a kick-ass time.

Nigel, Mason, John, Jeff, Adam, and Jim are enjoying food and Feldschlossen outside. Jeff is continuing his Jungfrau region tour that had kicked off in Murren with his next scheduled performance on Swiss National Day at the Mountain Hostel, Gimmelwald.

Swiss National Day 2002 (continued)

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