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The family of the summer. Jason and Amy looking up to the hostel porch.

Harry, Arlette, Alex, and Kate are working on two bottles of wine. Kristy, Amy and Heather

Walter and Michelle have joined the crowd. That dessert was damn good.

A group massage. Nicola, Sarah, and Steph are checking out train schedules on the Internet.

Michelle, Nicole, and Alana are busy checking out how the picture came out. No worries, mates :) Jessy and Kristy are all smiles.

A little bit of alcohol makes everyone happy... Sebastian, Eli, and Jason are in good spirits. Did I say spirits? Nah, just wine and beer for now.

Chriegel and Alex Bruno, Alex, Amy, Jason, Sebastian, Eli, and Tammy.

Eli, Mike, and Sebastian Dan is taking a millionth picture

Mike is playing guitar on the porch Our last night together

Alex is not responding to Jason's attempt to wake him up. Wicked! Thumbs up for the summer of 2003!

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