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Amy, Jeff, and John--The Mountain Hostel Crew The Menu

Jen, Dave (Mr. Sarcasm), Alison, Big Ben, and Jonah Alex

July 29, 2001. A quick photo before hitting the trails. Hanah Maria and Maria--the Swedish hiking team

Ardelle and James Jeff and watermelon

Brian, Jeff, and Stuart--American, Canadian, and Australian! Brian, Jeff, and Stuart--Keep On Rocking!

Todd, Ben, Brian, Big Ben, and Jen--Cheers! Big Ben, Jen, Todd, and Tim--Tonight's Kitchen Crew

Oh, yeah, Ardelle, that cake was awesome! Cards and beer--a great combination

John is the Commander-in-Chief On today's menu: Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue is a hit Peaches, Strawberries, Kiwis, Bananas, and Melons--all dipped in chocolate--yammy!

Hi! I'm Todd, and I have a beer It's all smiles

Valerie is running the table This couch is for girls only--Jody, Heather, Kelly, Johnnie, and Heather

Stuart and Maia James, Jen, Valerie and one half of John

James. Say Goodbye to Gimmelwald. Alison. The lucky Canadian-Swiss girl

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