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Final Group Photo: August 7th, 2000. Left to right, Upper Row: Walter (the owner of the Mountain Hostel), Johnny (Los Angeles, CA), Jared (Ontario, Canada), Scott (Chicago, IL), Heather (Seattle, WA), Alex (New York, NY), Trey (Birmingham, AL). Front row: Petra (the owner of the Mountain Hostel), Marisa (Vancouver, BC), Jeff (Vancouver, BC), Dana (San Francisco, CA), Amy (Toronto, ON), Diana (Toronto, ON), Matt (Australia). Chicken and Rice Night. Left to right: Nick, Dana, Heather, Johnny, Marisa, Jeff, Cougar (Vancouver, BC).

Jeff and Amy Jeff and Cougar

Nick and Dana cooking dinner. It's a secret recipe. FBI permission to enter the kitchen is required. Cougar and Jeff are Canadians, in case it's not clear. Cougar just invented a new flag design: Edelweiss/Maple Leaf combo. Looks good!

Cougar and Marisa Amy and her friend checking out the guestbook

Jeff, Roman and Jen (Australia, though Jen is originally from Texas) seem to be pretty stoned. Could that empty bottle of wine be the reason? Johnny and Marisa. This massage feels good.

Jen and Roman are about to say Good-bye. Left to right: Dana, Amy, Roman, Jen, Nicole, Petra, Johnny, Marisa. A perfect example of how difficult it is to leave Gimmelwald. After two weeks in Gimmelwald, Jen and Roman are finally taking a gondola that would be the starting point of their journey to Italy. One hour later they will come back. (Look closely. Can you see Johnny on the other side of the gondola?)

Left to right: Andy, Heather, Dana, Jeff, Roman, Jen, Cougar, Marisa, Amy, Johnny (staring at the camera). Say Hi to little Michelle

Roman, Jen, Amy After dinner, it's time for Johnny to rock the house

Hi there! :) Genuine Swiss Entertainment: Yodellers Night

Marisa, Jen and Roman. Yammy. That lasagna was awesome! Thanks Roman! Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain...

Heather ran out of drawing paper and then she found Marisa's back Roman's Head. It's what's for dinner.

Alex. It's hard to shoot pictures and be in them at the same time :)

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