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Both times I hiked Bietenhorn (August 8th, 2000 and July 29, 2003) the days turned out to be cloudy. The views were not as good (pretty much non-existent at the top) compared to hiking on a clear day. However, it's actually kind of cool to be hiking in the clouds. You don't know where the summit is until the last 10 feet or so before you get there. It's white all around. You do know that one wrong step to the side and you fall off the ridge. The final ascent to Bietenhorn is the only "blue" trail on the Murren-Schilthorn area hiking map.

There is a book to sign once you reach the top, and you can see everyone who had been there before you in the past decade. The views are nearly identical to Schilthorn views as Bietenhorn is the adjacent mountain. Stop by Schilthornhutte on the way back and ask for Kaffee fertig (coffee with Schnapps) and a chocolate bar. Ummm, good!

Nichole, Alex, and Steph on the way to Bietenhorn. Everyone is in good spirits while resting on the final ridge. Ready to go into the white.

Alex, Steph, Nichole, and Jason on Bietenhorn summit. There was a white wall of clouds all around us, but we loved it! Signing the summit log. July 29, 2003.

One for the books. Sometimes the mountains would reappear out of the clouds.


Alex, Jarod, and Jeff on top of Bietenhorn. August 8, 2000

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