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Chriegel, Kurt, Tammy, Jessy, Kristy, Amy, Jason, and Alex (behind the camera) are having a great time in the Alps! Kristy, Jason, and Kurt are doing an advertisement for Rugenbrau.

Look at all these empty bottles... about to start working on the ketchup. Amy, Kristy, and the Alps

Go Chriegel! Jason, what are you playing?

Chriegel with accordion. And the show begins... Chriegel continues on clarinet.

And here comes the broom. Leave no object behind. Renee joins Chriegel on the frying pans.

The party got so intense that Chriegel and Hämpl had to be separated. The audience is captivated.

Note the color of Chriegel's face. Alex serenades to the ceiling. Hämpl, Chriegel, and Alex. The latter has no idea what he is doing.

Jessy, Tammy, and Chriegel The fist game.

Friends will be friends...

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