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The weather in the "early season" (April) in Gimmelwald can be extremely unpredictable. The seasons can change overnight. It can be cold and snowy one day, and warm and sunny the following day. When it comes to hiking in the early season, much depends on your luck with the weather. You may be able to hike to Sprutz or Chilchbalm. You are almost surely to encounter snow at higher elevations.

Certainly the early season has it's advantages. You can have the Alps to yourself and the panorama is even more impressive when the peaks are heavily snow-covered.

On the floor of the Lauterbrunnen valley...

...on a rainy April day.

The same April day, moments later, up in Gimmelwald.

No rain. Snow!

The following morning. The seasons change overnight!

It's the thing to do--nothing to do--and it's worth doing.

Sprutz waterfall...

...a 35 min hike from Gimmelwald

To dream the impossible dream...

To reach the unreachable star...

Schilthorn in April.

Plenty of snow for skiing/snowboarding

The view from Shilthorn.
Eiger is in the background center.

Winter is not ready to give up just yet.

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